Kim Daus-Edwards

"Flattery is from the teeth out. Sincere appreciation is from the heart out."
Dale Carnegie

To The Pure

To the Pure, All Things Are Pure ~ Titus 1:15
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Kim Daus

What People Say

"Kim's extraordinary integrity, positive energy and passion for the work helped to inspire greatness in our learning and development team. Her deep commitment to achieving great results and encouraging others to be their best has had a lasting impact on the lives of those she worked with."

Craig Stuart Ramsay
Organizational Development and Design Consultant
former team member at Intuit

"Kim and I have partnered together on many fronts - as leaders within the work place, as speakers at conferences and seminars, as authors for our two books that we've published, and most importantly, as friends in every setting that we explore.

Obviously I am biased, but then so are most people who meet Kim. She is a study in dualities--she is a brilliant thinker and doer. She is creative and pragmatic. She leads but also follows.

Kim will change the way you see the world. And then she can figure out how to make a co-created new vision happen with passion, poise, and determination. She will tackle any problem, and transform foes to partners."

Drew Banks
former business partner
life-long friend
P. S. "Whatever Kim takes on will be flawlessly executed, on time, and under budget."

"True Pioneer."

Corey Cleek
Co-Leader Silicon Valley Fellowship

"In our work with Kim, we found her to be a high-energy, creative and decisive force, providing both vision and leadership to her organization."

Cynthia Loubier
President and Founder
former business colleague

"Kim Daus tells you the truth - in a constructive, helpful way. In her life and work she moves quickly but has a rare capacity to stop and focus on what is really important, analyze the issues and factors that count, and spotlight the best possible way(s) forward."

David W. Gill
Institute for Business, Technology, and Ethics

"Have you ever connected with your boss so profoundly that work, fun, personal and business development became seamless? Kim Daus is that kind of leader. She is a wicked smart visionary who connects people to business deliverables. Her team building expertise is the best.... when she moves on, the team stays intact and continues to function in a highly effective manner. And perhaps more amazingly, she does this with remote, matrixed teams."

Suzzanne Ippel Manager
Corporate Initiatives
Organizational Excellence and Development
Intuit Corporation

"Through Kim's leadership our team developed a seamless integration of work, communication, and learning - producing high quality results at a faster rate. Kim's influence allowed our team to think differently about the impact we make, and the importance of how our team shows up to influence the business."

Christen Latham
Performance Management Coaching
Organizational Excellence and Development
Intuit Corporation

"Kim Daus is the genuine article. I worked closely with her for nearly a year developing a sophisticated new approach to online community. I was the consultant, she was Vice-President of an online company that seemed to have great potential. What I discovered, to my delight, was that Kim is one of those rare managers who knows when to lead, when to follow, and when to watch quietly when situations are best developed without constant tinkering. My business relationship also gave me a unique vantage point from which to observe her managing a large employee team of employees. They had absolute confidence in her, and it was well deserved. It is difficult to summarize briefly a complex--and highly favorable--assessment of such a valuable person as Kim. Kim knows how to do things well. I hope that there will be many other occasions on which we can work together in the future."

Joe Katz
Katz Incorporated

"In addition to Kim's many talents, she served as the ethical and moral rudder for the Employee Communication team. I have never worked with someone whose personal integrity was so intrinsically woven into her work as hers is. Most of us struggle to balance our personal and professional lives, and often bounce back and forth between them. I see Kim as someone who has achieved a remarkable degree of integration... she is who she is every moment and keeps to the same personal code of conduct regardless of the situation she finds herself in."

Christopher Bargeron
Learning, Organization Development & Communications
Silicon Graphics